International online Hackathon 2022 funded by the EU program Erasmus+

Hack 4 the Future

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Together we hack for a better world! International teams compete with their innovative ideas for a fair and sustainable future and get the best out of themselves and their teams.

The hackathon has three challenge categories from the UN sustainable development goals. Choose one or a combination of the following topics:

SDG 4: Quality Education

How can we empower people to participate more in education? e.g. digital upskilling and lifelong learning. More information

SDG 5: Gender Equality

How can we advance gender equity and empower women and girls? e.g. by IT education or equal pay.

More information

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

How can we promote sustainable consumption and production patterns? e.g. through reducing electronic waste or using things from renewable resources.

More information

The Winners

Hugfugees - Your app to support illiterate refugees.
With this app, refugees can easily receive support from volunteers via video telephony in their native language. All without having to read or write. And volunteers can offer their support conveniently from anywhere and at any time.

Enrique Nunez Velazco &
Feyami Caglayan

Project of first place Winners

Hoodie - donate & sell in your neighborhood.
This project was created to reduce the waste of items and promote sensible consumption. People can sell or donate items they no longer need. On the other hand, people who need things can easily find them on this platform.

Sirine Saoudi,
Mensur Kedir &
Moahammad Javad Khavari

Project of second place Winners

ReCiPe - a platform against food shortage and food loss.
The project is a solution for the coming disaster: food shortage! It aims to help the market produce what people need and stop wasting food. Through data analysis, users (governments, producers, sellers, NGO's) will know the needs of food and production. Charities can receive overproduced food and distribute it to those in need.

Zakaria Loai

Project of third place Winners


Super Code

Düsseldorf, Germany

The rock star among German educational institutions

<Academia de Código_>

Lisbon, Portugal

Unleash your inner geek & program your life with us

Social Hackers Academy

Athens, Greece

A holistic approach to entering the tech industry

Level 1 - Hackathon

Level 1

Hackathon (15 - 17 July)


Kick-Off Meeting (11 July)

You will get all the important information about the process and the technical setup and you can ask all your questions. Also get to know your team and the mentors.


Day 1: Kick-off Hack4theFuture

After a hearty welcome and a joint warm-up, you will directly deep dive into the development of your ideas. Using a design thinking workshop, your team will be supported in approaching your challenge. This day you lay the foundation for a successful project and a good collaboration!


Workshop Design Thinking


Day 2: Happy Coding

The second day is all about implementing your idea. In a workshop on how to create your minimal viable product (MVP), you define your goal and bring it to digital life. Mentors will be available throughout the day to help you with coding, project management or any other questions you may have.


Workshop MVP


Day 3: Submission of the projects and award ceremony

This last day you will sprint and put the finishing touches to your project. In a workshop on pitch training you will be well prepared to convince the jury of your project. The jury will select three of the six teams, who can then develop their idea further during a three months project phase.


Workshop Pitch Training

Level 2

Projectphase (25 July - 9 October)

Bring your ideas into life! It was clear to us from the very beginning: the best ideas from the hackathon must be elaborated and implemented so that they have an impact where they are needed most!



The teams are accompanied by experienced mentors for three months to make the step from prototype to concrete product or service. In addition to coaching in project management, the teams receive six workshops in product development and entrepreneurial skills:


Workshop Design Thinking


Workshop Project Management


Workshop Create a Business Plan


Workshop Personal development


Workshop Marketing and sales


Workshop Pitch Training


Europe-wide final event (18 November)

The finalists present their projects at a large pan-European hybrid event - online and on-site in Germany, Greece and Portugal. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be honored by our expert jury. And in addition to cash prizes, you also have the chance to receive start-up funding from investors.

Level 2 - Projectphase








Experience in an international team


Improvement of your skills: coding, project management, teamwork


Support from experienced mentors


Participation in exciting workshops


The chance to realise your idea and win an international award


International certificate


New contacts with coders and IT employers


You are a participant or graduate of one of the three partner organizations.

You attend the kick-off meeting on the evening of July 11.

You want to work intensively with your team on a project during the 3 days Hackathon.

As one of the three winning teams you spend about 4 hours per week for the next 3 months to implement your project and participate in exciting workshops.

At the finale event on 18.11.2022 we celebrate your projects and successes together.

Sign up

Register by 06.07.2022.

Please fill out the registration form and tell us a little bit about yourself:


Describe your motivation.


Let us know your level of coding.


Tell us on which topic you would like to work on.



Hackathon is a fusion of "hacking" and "marathon" and aims to solve technical problems in an unusual way. The approach of the hackathon is extremely constructive, as the participants create a helpful product in the shortest possible time in group work and under specification of a topic. This promotes not only teamwork, but also working under real conditions with project management and deadlines. They will be supported by mentors who will give them advice and support. The event should be informal, fun and encourage creative thinking.

Since the teams are made up of participants from three coding schools in three european countries, the main language is English. But don't panic, with basic knowledge, patience and with hands and feet you can get very far in communication. And the mentors can help you translate.

Participation in the Hackathon as well as in the workshops is free of charge for the participants. The project is funded by the EU through the Erasmus+ program. It aims to connect people across the EU and support educational opportunities.

The hackathon is mainly aimed at participants and alumni of the coding schools Supercode, Academia de Código and the Social Hacker School. There is a limited contingent for external participants, if you are motivated and interested, just contact us.

You don't need any specific previous experience, but you should speak some english to be able to communicate in the teams. No matter if you can code, design or think creatively - you can bring your knowledge and experience into the project work. You will learn everything else during the hackathon and in the exciting workshops.

The actual hackathon lasts 3 days, during which you will work intensively on your project with your team. Beforehand, there is a one-hour kick-off meeting where you get to know your team and get important information. If you are one of the 3 winning teams, you will receive mentoring and continue to work on your team project. In the following 3 months, you should then spend at least 4 hours per week on a group meeting, project work or workshops.

Yes, this is possible in consultation with your training team. If applicable, the hackathon can be recognized as a web project and thus counts as an important part of your continuing education. You must discuss with your employer whether you can participate alongside your job. For the 3 days you have to be completely available, the other dates can be arranged individually in the team.

In short: A lot! At a hackathon you learn to focus on the essentials and to really push a project forward. You can put that to good use in your regular job. You'll also brush up on your soft skills as you communicate with your team. Key soft skills include presentation, communication, team player and collaboration skills. On the other hand, you will experiment with new tools and technologies, which will help you develop new technical skills. Our workshops will help you learn and build new skills. And on your resume, participating in an international hackathon will set you apart from other applicants.

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